Web design comes with a wide range of options and selections that keep updating over time. From amongst these web designs, a few always go more popular than most, thereby becoming the top web design trends for the year. These are trends that web designers and website owners want to follow, as they are popular because they attract visitors, impress them, and retain them. Here are the top web design trends for 2015, which are already starting to become the preference of many.

Cinematic or Book Cover Trend

Dogstudio cinematic book cover web design trend
Dogstudio a Cinematic digital agency website

Visual and realistic, cinematic and book cover web design trends excel because of its simplicity and basic details. These are usually full screen images (or gifs) that are dramatically faded into the background to highlight a few text details and menu options. The landing page immediately attracts the visitor, giving them a basic idea of the site. The minimal amount of details also keeps them interested. Benefitting web designers as well, as it’s easy to code, cinematic or book cover web design is a trend that will last all throughout this year and perhaps even longer than that.

Innovative Scrolling Trend

NUA Bikes Innovative scrolling web design trends
NUA Bikes Website, A good example of innovative scrolling web design trend

Users love getting all necessary details without having to switch pages. It is convenient and if implemented right, captivates users. While the scrolling design trend has been around for quite some time, innovative scrolling trend is the most emerging among all web design trends that gaining popularity, fast. These are vertical and horizontal scrolling styles, swipe scrolling, animation scrolling, etc. all are being used heavily in web design now.

Endless Scrolling Trend

audioharmome infinite scrolling web design trends
Audioharmôme a website with endless scrolling

Another hot trend that is quickly gaining ground is something called endless scrolling. If you visit Pinterest, or some other image bases site, you will notice that the page will continue to load as you scroll down. Rather than having to jump to another page in order to keep viewing content, the user can simply continue scrolling to load more content. It has been proven beyond a doubt that this simple addition increases engagement and the amount of time that visitors spend on such sites. A good designer will be able to add both of these elements with no real problems, leaving you with a site that looks thoroughly modern and, more importantly, easy to navigate.

Flat Web Design Trend

La Fabrique de-Mai flat web design trends
La Fabrique de Mai, A smiple yet nice flat website

Considered the king of web design trends, the flat design trend has been going strong for three years and it does not look like it’ll die down anytime soon. It is here to stay for good, for a long time. Whether it focuses on the landing page, menus, icons, visuals or any other aspect of website design, the flat web design trends rules.

The reason behind its fame probably stems from its look and feel – it’s very neat and definitely a step up from the glossy and pop-out designs that prevailed a few years ago. With the help of icon font technology, icons are also more efficient, easy to manage and scale.

To conclude, it is easy to guess that more and more users are going for minimalist, simple, and attractive web design trends that are easy to understand and responsive, and web designers are following through on these trends well.