The Secret Behind Our Success.

Once upon time a successful digital marketing agency’s team thought that if they entered the Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins market they will succeed. However this market is considered a red market as it’s so competitive and acceptable quality level is allot higher than what’s required for building end users websites. The whole team decided to improve their skills even before deciding what will we do exactly. We started an ambitious self-development plan in 2013 and our success was just a leap of faith that time we called our new startup: Leap13.

Wiz Customers

We Plan for The Future.

In web design and development field it’s very hard to balance between efficiency and effectiveness. Your clients are bargaining, they want the coolest website with the least cost. Competition is high and prices are low. Building an awesome website in less time is the only way to make profit out of this business. And here comes our mission. We Aim to Build Tools That Make Your Web Design Business More Profitable.

Core Values & Fundamental Beliefs.

Customer Delight.

Customer delight is our ultimate priority and main goal.

Kaizen & Change.

Improvement is the only constant fact that we believe in.

Cross Knowledge.

Gaining both explicit and tacit knowledge is an ongoing process.

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